With West Ham on an unbeaten run of six games in the league, as per Transfermarkt, the club are looking to harness the feeling of positivity among some of the fans.

They have tweeted Hammers supporters, asking who they are looking forward to playing most out of Crystal Palace, Everton and Sheffield United:

Many West Ham fans have replied stating that Sheffield United on 26th October that they are looking forward to the most.

Some felt that this was maybe a bit of an obvious question given the history between the Hammers and Blades, with Sheffield United feeling hard done by after Carlos Tevez helped keep West Ham up over them, as reported by The Guardian.

The two sides have only met once since then, when Sheffield United won on penalties in the League Cup in 2014, as per 11v11.

This should make for an entertaining game for the Hammers faithful this time around.

A selection of Twitter reaction to the question can be seen below: