With all the criticism West Ham’s London Stadium gets, it’s hard to deny how impressive it actually is.

It’s a lovely looking arena, both inside and out. It could of course look a lot better without a running track and more sturdy and professional looking retractable seating, but you can only work with what you’re given. I’m sure a lot of that will change in the not too distant future.

Performances haven’t exactly helped when it comes to trying to create a good atmosphere, either, but the last two games against Leicester and Chelsea are proof that we’re capable of making a very loud racket when we want to, aided by the team playing well, of course.

The London Stadium is the second largest stadium in the Premier League (excluding Wembley because it’s not Tottenham’s real home) and it is attracting near to a full house every full game.

Which means its no surprise to learn that it has been ranked the UK’s fourth most Instagrammed sports venue in 2017, behind only the Emirates, Old Trafford and Wembley.

It beats the likes of Stamford Bridge, the Etihad, Wimbledon and even Ascot Racecourse in the top ten.

The stadium’s ranking is of course boosted by the fact it hosts concerts, rugby matches and athletics as well, but it’s encouraging to see so many people coming to visit what everyone thought was going to be a white elephant.

Along with the historical evolution of Football, across all of these years, a multitude of talented and extremely skilled players have represented West Ham, and many of them stand behind the evolution of the club down to this very moment, particularly in the new stadium. It’s us fans who also have to play a part in ensuring the stadium lives up to the football club’s high standards and rich history.

More than 2.6million people have visited the London Stadium in 2017. Not bad for a waste of tax payers’ money, eh?