It appears a bit of a takeover saga is developing at West Ham and it’s getting fans a little bit excited.

It was revealed last week that a UK-based consortium had made an official bid to buy the club, only for David Sullivan to come out publically and insist it wasn’t an official bid and that no proof of funds were provided.

Then Pai Capital went public to insist the deal was official, proof of funds were provided and that they are very, very serious about purchasing West Ham United.

This is clearly a story that isn’t going to go away any time soon, but an update from reality TV star and Essex-based entrepreneur Thomas Skinner has added some weight to Pai capital’s recent statement.

Skinner, who rose to fame on The Apprentice in 2019 and is a huge West Ham fan, posted a video to his 109k Twitter followers claiming to know the people working at Pai Capital personally and goes on to claim that if a takeover is successful, it will propel the club into one of the biggest clubs in the country.

In his video, he said: “To all the West Ham fans out there, I’ve got some news that for our club is different class.

“Now, I know about the buy-out at West Ham. Pai Capital, I know them personally, I speak to them all the time, they have put a bid on the table to buy West Ham and to buy the stadium, so we have got our very own stadium.

“These guys have got serious money, serious investment, to look after and build our club up so we can be the No.1 club in London. I know it for a fact and I’m absolutely buzzing about this.

“It’s mega, it’s absolutely mega. I mean, we’ll have our own stadium. West Ham will be the best club in the country. With Pai Capital behind us, owning us, looking after us, they’re going to take us to the next level and it’s what we need.

“We need all the fans to get behind this because there are so many rumours going about, but I know it first hand. I know it first hand that the deal has happened, it has been put on the table to Sullivan and we need all the West Ham fans out there to get behind these boys because, trust me when I say this as I’m a lifelong West Ham fan, if they are with us we are going to be a Champions League club without a shadow of a doubt.

“Look at them, look up the company, serious. This is mega for us and it’s not rumours, this is fact, this is true. I’ve been on the phone, I’ve spoken to boys there, they’re a great group of lads and it means the world to West Ham.

“Fact, the deal’s on the table. Come on Sullivan, for the fans of West Ham, sell. That’s all I’m going to say.”

That is some statement and enough to get everyone associated with the club excited about what could be around the corner if a deal can be completed, especially when you consider Pai Capital is worth £13.5billion.

Skinner tweeted shortly after to say that the bid is worth £500m and not the £400m that had originally been reported.

You can watch Skinner’s video below…