There is no doubt that without the two Davids, our precious club would not exist today.

The hard work started from day one trying to get us out of the debt created by a worldwide recession where our former Icelandic owners bankruptcy. They secured our financial status by acquiring the London Stadium for the next 99 years where our rent is a mere £2.5m a season, which will rise with interest.

But I feel they as owners have taken us as far as they possibly could and that they need to move on. Gold and Sullivan should look to sell to a global multi-billionaire powerhouse to compete financially with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City, to enable us to challenge for domestic trophies.

The start of this season has PROVED to me that they are completely out of their depth and making some bad “Big Club” decisions on and off the field. West Ham are far from being United at the moment. We have seen poor performances, amateur commercial affairs, embarrassing social media (yes I’m talking about having a 16-year-old tell us senior fans that we’ve signed a player & hanging on an anonymous ITK’s vocal cords for any West Ham related news), Chief Scout Tony Henry not scouting the RIGHT players but looking for the right deal for the club and a underwhelming business in the transfer market by not acquiring a clinical striker.

I’m currently writing this as James McClean scores West Brom’s third goal just before half time in what has been another WOEFUL performance by our beloved hammers – I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – Simone Zaza is a bad transfer for us and will not be the messiah we’ve been drying out for. Overrated is an understatement. 20 goal a season striker? I doubt it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m actually fed up now and I’ve lost my patience. Yes, I expect comments like ‘if you don’t like it, go support Man United’ but if you go out for a meal, get offered steak and chips, look forward to it then end up a fish finger sandwich, you’ve got every right to have the hump!

We’ve all been sold a golden ticket and the only guarantee we have had from the owners is Payet staying – lets see about that in January. I’ve lost all faith in the owners and we need to move on. Take off your rose tinted glasses, Hammers fans, everything is slowly going to pot and we have every right to be worried.

This is a plea to to the current owners: Please sell up to someone who can elevate us further. You’ve done a fantastic job, but if you love the club as much as we do, you have to do the right thing and put us in the right hands to make us a force in English football. This season was about taking us there, and at the moment we are in the relegation zone with an iconic 57,000-seater stadium.

Oh, and as I finish this, West Brom have just scored a fourth.

Time to wake up Hammers fans, and that includes you Gold and Sullivan.

Lost the Faith.

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