West Ham are interested in signing Wayne Rooney this summer, Sky Sports News HQ have been reporting today.

It’s a transfer rumour that will no longer surprise Hammers fans, who have become accustomed to the club being involved in some of the most outrageous transfer moves in modern footballing history over the years.

A few years ago this will have had many fans desperate for the club to pull off a Tevez/Mascherano style coup but now, with Rooney seemingly approaching the final days of his career and clearly no longer the player he once was, this type of transfer rumour clearly hasn’t been met with the excitement it perhaps warrants.

After the well publicised transfer failings of last summer, where the club became a national laughing stock and failed to deliver on a single promise of marquee signings and £30m strikers, fans are now understandably unconvinced by the news that the club might be genuinely serious in trying to persuade Rooney to sign in the summer.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the rumours on social media this afternoon…

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