Panic over! 

Reports this morning claimed Dimitri Payet was demanding a whopping £125,000-a-week contract improvement if the club wanted to keep him beyond this season, which had fans all over panicking over our best player’s future at the club.

But it didn’t take long for the club to release a statement that insisted the reports where completely false and instead they’d actually opened talks with Payet over an improved and extended contract.

Then Payet joined the fun by insisting he is proud to wear the famous claret and blue, and that he sees his future at the club and not elsewhere.

It was only a short panic and to be honest, the reports weren’t exactly the most believable. But we all know how the mainstream media enjoy throwing a spanner in the works when all seems to be looking a bit too hunky dory at clubs.

It’s at this stage in the season when publishers are scrambling for headlines and transfer news as it’s a notoriously quiet time of year for such stories, so it’s no real surprise something like this made the back pages.

Watching Dimitri Payet strut his stuff in the Premier League is just as fun as winning money in a casino online.

So thankfully it was all rubbish and we’ve got nothing to worry about. Here’s how the fans reacted on Twitter…

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