Speak to anyone who doesn’t support West Ham and they’ll insist we haven’t got a chance of filling the Olympic Stadium.

We, on the other hand, know deep down that we’ve got the fan base and die hard supporters to be able to make sure our new 54,000-seater home will be cauldron of noise from all corners once we move in.

Still, it’ll always be hard to convince neutrals that that’s true. To many people we’ll always be ‘little ol’ West Ham with a little ol’ fan base.’

What people didn’t realise, until recently, is that we currently boast the best attendances in the Premier League.

Yep, as the graph below proves, little ol’ West Ham enjoy better capacity averages than anyone in the Premier League, including Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.

So the next time a Tottenham fan (or a fan of any club has a pop out our support) just remind them of the stats below.

If this is proof that we can consistently sell out a stadium then I don’t know what is…