During those months of uncertainty, when no one really knew whether Winston Reid was going to choose to stay at the club or switch us for a Premier League rival, many fans claimed they wouldn’t be too bothered if he’d left.

The New Zealander had suffered something of a dip in form throughout that period, which had fans wondering whether losing him would affect us as much as we’d initially feared.

But now he’s signed a six-and-a-half year contract and pledged his future to the club – he’s publicly admitted it was the fact he felt wanted by the club that made him sign – it has been revealed that he is a very important part of our team.

Sky Sports put together the below infographic to prove just how influential Reid is to our cause. As you can see, our win percentage with him is significantly more than without him.

That’s why persuading him to sign with us and remain at the club is actually a big deal…