We all knew that the club would use the template as our original claret and blue kit for this season’s away strip, which to me looks like a jockey colours, and it was inevitable that an all sky blue kit was due.

I do like the concept of the singular claret hoop and even the white Betway sponsor fits it quite well.

I do have a couple of issues with this shirt, and they are the horizontal claret thin pinstripes that start from over the shoulders and meet up just above the hoop. Also the white umbro logo and monochromatic West Ham badge with added Farewell Boleyn text underneath just looks lost to me.

I feel that umbro have added the pinstripes to make the logos stand out that bit more as the shirt is also of a lighter tone.

Shorts and socks are the same template as the home kit and the colours work just fine. These shorts and socks can also be used as alternative shorts and socks to match the home shirt on away days against teams in lighter or blue coloured shirts.

The changes I would make to the shirt if it had to go back into production, would be to remove the pinstripes and change the logo and badge colour to be claret instead of white – two changes that would of made this shirt a classic and changes that could of been easily done.

My honest opinion of the shirt is that it has been over-designed and it shows that umbro are starting to go back to old ways by trying to make the kit brand stand out to other companies, look at Hull City’s latest home kit and Everton’s latest away kit.

It’s like making a simple classic cheese sandwich… bread, cheese and pickle – job done! You don’t add prawn mayo to the mix because it spoils the combined taste factor!

The kit feeling to me is like getting ready to watch your daughter at a dance show, seeing her perform with her mates, then when it’s her turn on the main stage, she makes a wrong move… You just feel bad because you know how much work she has put in and you have to consolidate her and say everything is going to be ok.

Umbro, you’re that daughter… Chin up and don’t make the mistake again. Keep it striped back and keep it simple!

You were so so close!

Come on you irons!

P.S. Apparently there is a third kit to look forward to this season… A Thames Ironworks themed Navy kit with added Union Jack Flag. So keep your eyes peeled