So the club have done the inevitable and opened a consultation about the a potential change of the club’s crest to coincide with West Ham’s move to the Olympic Stadium in August 2016.

It’s something most fans was expecting and a decision many had previously been open to, but under the proviso that the club’s history and relations with the Boleyn Ground wasn’t forgotten.

There appears to be the intention that the Boleyn Castle will be dropped from the crest to help bring us in to a new era at the club inside the Olympic Stadium, and a quick search on Twitter and read through the forums will tell you that the fans are mostly in agreement.

The crossed Hammers must stay, which the club has confirmed, while the club’s name has also been confirmed as never changing. Phew!

Perhaps what is the most intriguing development that the club has its eye on is the introduction to the word ‘London’ in to the new crest. It is believed that would help us achieve our global ambitions both on and off the pitch and catapult us in to the top 20 teams in Europe. I like that ambition and would be completely open to that.

So here’s what the fans have been saying about it on Twitter today, including the club’s extremely interesting video about the history of our club crest and their ideas and plans that are putting to the fans for consideration.

It’s important to point out that the fans will have the final say on this, which I feel is the most important aspect of it all.

Here are the comments…