So it’s the FA Cup third round this weekend and the big debate at the moment is whether we should take it seriously this season or not.

Of course we should be taking any competition seriously, but with a huge chance of mounting a serious challenge on a top six finish at the minute, would an FA Cup run prevent us from achieving those goals in the league?

The lads over at Hammers Chat began their FA Cup preview show with the big question – would you swap winning the FA Cup for a place in the top four this season?

Our writer Adam Leatherbarrow was the special guest on the show this week, and he was pretty bang on with his answer – top four (or even the top six) is where the money is these days and while a day out a Wembley is always nice, perhaps we’d benefit more from the financial gains of finishing as high up in the Premier League as possible this season.

What would you prefer? Make sure you let us know via the comments section below.

Also on the show, Geo, Gonzo and Adam discuss our opponents, Wolves, what side Slaven Bilic should play on Saturday and whether we’ll make the fourth round or not.

So watch the show below and make sure you subscribe to Hammers Chat’s YouTube channel

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  1. Thinking about it sentimentaly i like the rest of us would like the cup but looking at it in the sense of what would be better for our club it would have to be a top 4 finish .the figures involved plus the added pull of the champions league would allow us to bring in some top quality players and help us evolve into 1 of the top clubs in england possibly

  2. Always would prefer at Wembley and winning the cup over a possible top 4-6 finish. We will get a shed load of money anyway next season, that is only.part of football… i would love us to.finally, after so many years, get a trophy and some glory. That would be a fitting tribute too to our final season at the Boleyn

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