With Roberto Mancini sniffing around the concourse at the London Stadium, there have been some rumours to suggest that Slaven is to get the boot from the club and that Italian will be his replacement.

I think this would be a bad move, as Mancini does not understand the club and its fan base like Slav does. Plus he got given a dream job at Man City where money was no problem, who is to say that he will get the same funds as he did at Etihad?

Mancini has had success in Italy, winning domestic Cups with Lazio and Fiorentina, but it was at Inter Milan where he succeeded most, securing three consecutive league titles.

After his two seasons at Man City, winning an FA Cup and the Premier League the following year later, he was sacked and ended up managing Galatasaray where win the Turkish Cup.

90+4: Mancini was in charge when Aguero made history at Man City…

But let’s face it, any of the three big teams would have won that as the competition isn’t exactly competitive. He later returned to Inter Milan for two seasons and, even with funds at his disposal, failed to deliver and was eventually sacked.

It has become apparent that Bilic will be given a new contract if the team finish 8th at the very least this season. I strongly believe that Slaven should be given his new deal now.

He did a terrific job last season, despite losing to Stoke on the final game of the season, where we lost 2-1 to miss out on Europa League Group stage qualification and the poor showing of a team still affected by getting knocked out to Astra… again.

Slaven has had a tough job on his hands this season and with his star player (he who shall not be named) not coming back to the squad from the Euros until weeks after the final, the squad looked affected by a player who didn’t want to play for the club and with his teammates.


Slav solved this and got the team back to winning ways, shooting the team up to 9th in the table before this weekend’s clash with West Brom.

If Slaven got his new deal now, it would surely remove any rumours of the manager’s security for the rest of the season. The new deal would also have a positive impact on the players, knowing that their manager has the backing of the chairmen. They will want to continue putting in good performances for a manager they so clearly respect.

It would be a huge sign of intent from the club and it would also attract players all over the world to come to a club that installs faith, trust and belief in the staff they hire.

So Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Gold and Lady Brady, please give Bilic his new deal and let’s build off his philosophy and respect to guide the club in a positive direction together as one.

Keep the Faith!


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