A new era, they said. Champions League football, they said.

So it wasn’t going to happen overnight and, regardless of the woeful start to this season, this is certainly a new era at the club and there the future still could involve Champions League involvement.

But before we continue to dream big, we must go back to getting the basics right. Slaven Bilic has admitted he is to blame for some of the awful performances from his side this season but he has also shown signs of being able to turn it around.

We’ve had terrible luck with injuries ever since the players reported back from their summer break and we’ve had to get used to playing in a new home, not to mention while idiotic fans fight amongst themselves in the stands.

But all is not lost. We have two thirds of the season left to play, we’re still in the EFL Cup and we all know that we have the squad capable of dragging us up the league table.

Our next run of league fixtures make for devastating reading on paper, but every side we play in the run we beat last season. There’s no reason why we can’t do it again and it would by typical West Ham if we did.

Bilic and the club still has lots to get right before we can start smiling again, and here are five things to get them started…