So that’s what losing feels like? Having enjoyed an unbeaten run of five games, Everton are the team to inflict our first defeat since the end of September.

Given our extensive and almost sudden injury list – which included almost all of our best performers this season – coming away from Goodison Park with anything positive was going to be extremely difficult. And so it proved, despite playing pretty well given the circumstances.

Without going too much in to poor decisions costing us, we were again on the wrong side of an abysmal offside decision which ultimately cost us at least at point at Goodison Park.

But in the first of a new weekly feature here on West Ham World, do Everton fans agree with the way the game went? We’ve gone behind enemy lines to see what the Toffees faithful thought of their win in their forums. We visited, and to get the view from Everton.

And as expected it’s a mixed bag of honesty, fickleness, drivel, cluelessness, ignorance and sheer nastiness. Have a read below…

“If you think that we were poor today, like myself, just imagine how things would of gone if Song, Kouyate, Downing, Valencia and Sakho were all fit for them. Their depleted XI made more tackles than us, won more aerial duels than us, had more corners than us and had the same number of shots as us. We were playing at home! Its quite something that we managed to win. And yes, 3 points is 3 points but we can’t bury our heads in the sand here.”
bainesontoast –

“We were lucky today. McCarthy was lucky not to walk as was Mirallas for retaliation. West Ham were missing an awful lot of big players today and they were the better side for long periods of the game. At times it was like they were the home team and we were the away trying to soak pressure up and hit them on the break. Really poor showing and if I was a West Ham fan I’d be bitterly disappointed not to get anything.”
Paddock –

“Da Hammers defo play Most unattractive football in the league. They just smash long”
sageyefc –

“Successful clubs play dodgy football and leave with three points. Underachievers can play sexy togger yet leave with a single point if they’re lucky. West Ham weren’t all **** out there, and some of our heroes left their game somewhere other than the Goodison pitch today. Sam made good adjustments, as there’s a reason he keeps getting hired. The shovel-mouthed **** sure doesn’t get jobs based on style points. They were dogged, opportunistic, and physical.”
mezzrow –

DanEFC92 –

“3 points is 3 points against a truly horrible West ham united, Allardyce personified today, only seen the second half, but they were pushing and shoving and surrounding the ref at every opportunity. Also who was it who went down clutching his face, feigning injury, trying to get Mirallas sent off, was that there centre half ? I remember big Sam having a go at Swansea’s centre half for doing much the same thing, hope Sam has the courage to pull his own player up.”
School of Science –

“Any player would dive if Nolan cane near you to challenge. That Kopite ! would not think twice of seriously injuring an Everton star. And Tomkins should have seen red, yellow for the push and one for play acting.”
Darth Toffeeman –

“West ham are the modern day Wimbledon. Alladyce is a ****. I can’t stand these *****, going on like they are a quality football side. The did make tough for us today but they play dreadful football.”
pommy –

“That Zarata fella in their team looked very good”
deipnosophist –

“Good result against Bolton that.”
Groucho –

“First off, Clattenberg is a simply awful referee. He completely lost control of the game. He just is good not enough to ref at the highest levelAlso, the West Ham fans were a genuine disgrace. Not only did they not clap Naismith as he was stretchered past them, I saw a number of them shouting and making rude gestures to one of the ball boys.”
Mikey_Fitzgerald –

“West Ham: ****house team, ****house and corrupt manager, even more corrupt backroom. Horrible ****** side. James Collins wouldn’t look too out of place in the Northern Premier League, one ****house baldy thug. We didn’t play well, that’s for sure, but if that’s the type of football West Ham play week in-week out to get them to 4th or 5th in the league then I certainly don’t expect them to be anywhere near the top 8 come May. Horrific to watch, it was like a cockney Stoke, possibly worse.
The Analog Kid –

“Kevin Nolan is a stain on humanity. I hope he snaps both of his ankles and never plays again.”
Boss_Blue –

“Bunch of wannabe hardcase cockney *****. Gutted McCarthy didn’t floor the second or third or fourth Whammer to raise their hands to him, great to see Syller bounce in and push them off. Tomkins is a massive sweaty toerag. Barry would have stomped one today (preferably chitsnide Nolan)(the massive kopscum coward).”
L4Everton –

“West Ham have been in good form this season and played some great stuff, so I wasn’t expecting them to turn up, roll over or stick 11 men behind the ball like they did last year, so I knew we would be in for a tough game and a battle. With that in mind, I’m delighted we should some fight and dug in to get the 3 points.”
yelyah –

“West Ham will be gutted not to get something out of that. We had a Mediocre team performance today, but there were some good individual contributions.”
Cuttyblue –