After Tuesday night’s loss to Crystal Palace, every single West Ham fan was left asking questions of Sam Allardyce’s ability to turn current form around and start delivering on his promise of another top-ten finish.

So far this season we have seen him make dodgy decisions with line-ups and substitutions, with the 3-0 victory over Spurs the only thing he can arguably be praised for.

Speculation over the length of time he has left in the Hammers hot-seat is mounting and thousands of fans are becoming sick and tired of the football being played under his watch.

So when ‘Terry’ called up talkSport to broadcastl his feelings on the way Allardyce and the players have performed recently, particularly at Selhurst Park on Tuesday, there will have no doubt been a whole host of fans agreeing with his every word. But has it got that bad at Upton Park that we must bring in Paolo Di Canio as manager in an attempt to get the players organised and discliplined again?

I, for one, wouldn’t be pleased if the club replaced Allardyce with Di Canio. He’s a legend at the club and, if he ends up doing the same at Upton Park as he did at Sunderland, that status will soon take a turn for the worse.

But Terry seems to believes Paolo is the only man in football who can really get West Ham back playing they way they should be and who can help is progress to the next level.

Here’s Terry’s talkSport call-in on Wednesday…


His call provides more of a comedy factor than anything but, if you look past that, his passion for the club speaks a thousand words.

But do you agree with him? Is it time for the club to bring in Paolo Di Canio? There’s a lot of truth in what Terry says regarding Allardyce and the current striker crisis, but Paolo? Really?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.