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Football on Pause: What are the Hammers’ odds of avoiding relegation?


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier League has shut up shop. All football matches have been suspended until 30 April. But it looks very likely that the UK lockdown will continue for some time after that date and the suspension will be extended.

West Ham is in the midst of a battle to escape relegation. But there is now growing uncertainty as to whether the season and therefore the relegation fight, will even resume.

How have the Hammers performed so far this season?

As all Hammers fans know by now, David Moyes’ second stint at managing West Ham has not been going very well. His team won their first game, but they have only won one more match since.

The Hammers have had a brutally disappointing run of games, although they did come back to life in their 3-1 defeat against Southampton on 29 February. That helped to improve West Ham’s points, but there is no denying that the Hammers’ general performance this season has been underwhelming.

Which games do West Ham have left to play this season?

West Ham has nine more games left to play this season. Upcoming fixtures do not look as though they will be any easier for Moyes’ squad, as West Ham’s next fixtures include games against Wolves, Spurs and Chelsea. And the Hammers face three teams that are competing against them to avoid relegation in their final four games of the season.

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What are the Hammers’ odds of escaping relegation?

West Ham is presently in 16th position in the Premier League, so the team is fully entrenched in the relegation fight for survival. The Hammers are 27 points ahead of Watford, Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich. Can West Ham avoid being relegated? Well, at present, bookmakers’ odds are 2/1 for the Hammers to be relegated.

What is the vice-chairman’s opinion?

Although many fans agree with her, Karen Brady’s recent comments that this season should be null and void caused many to accuse her of opportunism to protect West Ham’s interests. Although voiding the season would undoubtedly work in the Hammer’s favour, most fans and pundits think the season should most definitely be finished to maintain the integrity of football; no matter how long it takes for the season to be concluded.

An Inside Source Says West Ham Will Not Be Relegated

According to fellow West Ham website Claret & Hugh, a top-level source from inside the Hammers has stated he or she believes the team will escape relegation, regardless of whether the season resumes or not. The source also said West Ham has no intention of selling its best young players, like Issa Diop.

The source stated that most inside the club feel the Hammers were seriously hitting form before the break and they are in a strong position to win the next games. The source is quoted as saying there is, “no future in selling our best players despite the growing hole in the finances created by the pandemic,” and, “We have no interest whatsoever in listening to offers for Issa.” Although the source is unknown, it is believed to be the owners of the Hammers themselves.

Moyes Could Reinvent the Hammers

David Moyes has made it clear that he intends to completely reinvent his team and build a new-look side around youthful and hungry players. Well, it’s about time, Moyes. However, this break does allow Moyes to reflect on his strategy.

So, the hiatus could be good for that. And do not forget that Diop was back on form before the Premier League pause, so Moyes’ team could indeed escape relegation yet if the season does continue at some point. If Moyes adds more like Diop to the side, such as Jarrod Bowen, West Ham could turn things around.