It’s been a very busy summer at Blowing Bubbles HQ with the decision to change the frequency of the magazine from every home game to monthly.

It wasn’t a decision we took lightly but we believe it will allow us to offer a higher quality product with more pages and articles and, at the same time, provide better value for money to our hard copy subscribers.

We spoke to as many of you as possible and the response to the move has been encouraging but, as always, we love to receive your feedback because we want to make this publication the best it can be. Looking at this issue, I hope you agree it is an excellent read from cover to cover. I cannot thank David Gold enough for agreeing to sit down and have another interview with us. He has been a keen supporter of what we are trying to do with Blowing Bubbles and, as always, he speaks his mind in our exclusive interview.

We were also delighted that West Ham legend Julian Dicks agreed to continue his monthly column for another season and we were thrilled to hear the news he had been appointed West Ham Ladies boss. We know he is going to have a huge impact on the club and we’re looking forward to continuing our support of the Ladies as they strive to challenge at the right of the table this campaign.

Finally, Blowing Bubbles wouldn’t be where it is today without our pool of writers who constantly exceed our expectations with their work. They are passion- ate yet articulate and we’re very grateful for what they do for us.

Read Issue 1 below…