West Ham’s legendary snapper Stevie Bacon is going through a particularly difficult time but remains optimistic about his and West Ham’s future.

Confined to a bed in a room in his ‘wheelchair unfriendly’ house, Stevie knows life will never be the same again after having had his lower left limb amputated in October last year as a result of complications with his diabetes.

Even now, a few months on from his operation, the 63-year-old admits he does not know where he will live and how much care he will need moving forward.

In an exclusive wide-ranging interview in Blowing Bubbles Monthly, Stevie said he is now determined to visit Upton Park one more time before the move to Stratford and has admitted the results and performances of West Ham this season have lifted his spirits in what has been a very difficult period in his life.

Stevie says he is especially delighted about how the season has panned out for Slaven Bilic, a man he got to know well while the Croatian was a player at the club back in the 1990s.

“I got on very well with Slav when he was here. He was great – a very friendly guy and very knowledgeable,” he added.

“He always preferred to sit and chat rather than play cards on the coach. I’ve always said he didn’t do bad for us but that he didn’t stay too long. He was a decent man.”

The February issue of Blowing Bubbles also reviews Sam Allardyce’s legacy in East London.

Brian Williams argues that while Allardyce picked the Hammers up off the floor, he never won our hearts. And Emily Pulham suggests Big Sam’s ‘deluded’ comments will come back to haunt him.

Elsewhere in this month’s issue, George Parris writes in his column that the capture of Sam Byram shows how far West Ham have come.

“Sam Byram’s signing bodes well for the future, but he is still young and we need to give him chance to develop,” he wrote.

“We must accept he will make mistakes along the way but he has already shown that the step up from the Championship to the Premier League is possible, and there’s no reason why he can’t make the transition.”

Meanwhile, writing in her column, Sky Sports’ Bianca Westwood hit out at ‘classless’ fans who celebrated Carl Jenkinson’s injury.

“I was so ashamed and embarrassed I had to speak out. He hasn’t had the best of times recently and, in all honesty, he’s had a season to forget,” she wrote.

“[But] regardless of how poor fans think he may have been lately, do we not thank players for their service any more and wish them on their merry way?”

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