So it didn’t take Sam Allardyce long to pipe up and start criticising the club – but he’s certainly picked a strange time to do it.

You always felt that he’d start piping up if we were ever in a bad bit of form and struggling for results this season. But he’s decided to have a dig at the club after his successor did what Allardyce couldn’t do – beat Arsenal.

It’s not surprising that he’s become vocal about the way he left the club, but the way he’s gone about it has angered West Ham fans.

It was made very clear by the club and Big Sam that not renewing his contract this summer was a mutual decision, both parties publicly admitted that the time was right to move on.

But now he appears to have made a u-turn on that announcement and has labelled our great club’s owners as “ungrateful.”

He told Sky Sports: “The ‘West Ham Way’ is obviously not winning every week, like I tried to do.

“I did everything they asked for and they wanted more, and I found that extremely ungrateful in terms of what I’d done for them.

“They thought we could get into and thought they might be able to get to a cup final, and that wasn’t in the format of the job description when I started.

“I don’t take kindly to people who don’t appreciate what you do for them.”

What a load of rubbish. Tried to win every week!? Are you sure, Sam? I think you’re telling porkies.

Trying to win is replacing a midfielder with another midfielder, not a striker, when you’re 2-0 up at White Hart Lane. Trying to win is not throwing several inexperienced teenagers in to an FA Cup third round tie and expect them to get you a result. Trying to win is not sitting back on a one goal lead and instead going for a second, third or even fourth! If you want to see what trying to win looks like, Sam, take a look at West Ham at Arsenal last weekend. That’s trying to win!

Anyway, here’s what Hammers fans felt about Allardyce’s comments on Twitter…

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