The 20th April 2018 is a date that will stay in Arsenal fans minds as the end of a long era at their club.

There is no doubt that he has left the club in fantastic shape for his successor and has given Arsenal many successes throughout the years. As his prepares to leave North London at the end of this season, would it be a clever move for David Sullivan and David Gold to snap up Arsene Wenger on a free as the new West Ham United manager?

Wenger has been connected with a position at FIFA as well as a place on the Arsenal board, but at 68 years of age, could he take on West Ham and start a new project?

I think his age is ideal for our club; he has modern tactics, a great youth policy and plenty of experience in the Premier League. Roy Hodgson and Neil Warnock are the only two managers who are older than Wenger and are still in jobs performing well for their clubs. Alex Ferguson stopped managing Manchester United at 71 years of age so Wenger still has a few years left in him to elevate west ham into a stabilised top eight club.

Others may argue that West Ham should be aiming for someone younger or even give David Moyes the opportunity to build a legacy, Moyes’ was given hi biggest chance to do that at Everton.

He had better tools and players at the Toffees and got them into the Champions League place and an FA Cup Final during his 11 season stay – hardly something to brag about as a manager.

I would have given Slaven Bilic that chance, he was a fantastic manager for us and felt he was thrown under the bus due to the players not performing. Some will say that he lost his way with the team and that he was a “soft touch” by wanting to be everyone’s mate.

If only he was more cut throat and if he was backed and ordered to make changes, he would have been a great manager for us. If I had to choose three people who could manage West Ham United I would go for Andre Villas-Boas, Brendon Rodgers and Rafa Benítez.

Wenger managing West Ham is a very distant dream, but this is a funny old game!