There has been widespread outcry amongst West Ham fans at the lack of representation of West Ham players in England squads.

With the exception of Stewart Downing last year, England has tended to overlook whichever players we have available.

England squads are unfortunately dominated by club reputation with the ‘big’ six or seven clubs providing the vast majority of players.

West Ham currently have five main players that might be of interest to England and I investigate whether they deserve a place in the squad or whether we are just biased.

Are they good enough?


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  1. Great read and whilst I agree that they may not warrant a place in England sides of old the current crop being played are very weak and when I watched the game on Friday I felt all of these players could have given as good as or better account of themselves than those currently holding down a place. How Woy can replace a defensive midfielder of Carrick with Lingard who from what I know is more of a wide player defies logic even before you look at the fact the kid has played 3 premiership games. This surely had to be a time to bring in Noble? Contradicting myself here a bit but I don’t think Noble will be in the West Ham side much longer but in the England set up we don’t have a Song, Kouyate, Obiang, Moses, Lanzini, Zarate or a Payet. And given the fact Carrick will be 34 at the time of the Euros why is he even in the squad for the warm ups? Woy is an enigma I personally don’t think has a clue.

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