It’s that time of year when we all wish for something we really want at Christmas.

Aside from all the materialistic stuff we wish for over the holidays, it’s always the people we love the most who we want most at Christmas.

We’ve been collectively deprived of one certain loved one over the past two months and it’s tearing us all apart.

Dimitri Payet is still about a month away from returning to action and I can’t remember the last time we were all pining over one player at the club before.

He is so important to our side and what Slaven Bilic is trying to do at the moment, so if Santa could kindly bring him back this Christmas I think we’d all be grateful.

But while we’re all desperate to see Payet’s face again, Bilic might be finding it a lot harder than the rest of us. Well, that’s if the video below is anything to go by.

The very talented @WestHamSocial on Twitter has put together his own version of the John Lewis Christmas advert, and it’ll touch your heart…

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